Daniel Madriaga
Black belt - 
6th degree


Master Daniel Madriaga was born in Uruguay, South America in 1982.  He Started his Martial Arts training in 1992 Taekwondo S.T.F. Under Chief Master Ozuna.  He received his Black Belt in 1995 at the age of 12. Daniel Madriaga started teaching Taekwondo at the age of 15.

In 2002 Daniel Madriaga opened his first school of STF / ATA in Uruguay.  After having won several national achievements in South America, in 2003, Mr. Madriaga and his family came to the United States and competed at the ATA World Championships winning third place in Sparring. This same year his first daughter Sofia Belen Madriaga was born.

In 2004 Mr. Madriaga became a 4th Degree Black Belt and moved to the USA to accept a position as Chief Instructor in Chief Master Ozuna's schools in Miami, FL.

In 2007 Daniel Madriaga returned to his country (Uruguay) with his wife Lorena Ausa, opening a new school,which grew to 120 students in 4 months. In 2009 his second daughter, Brenda Melanie Madriaga was born. This same year, Daniel Madriaga returned to the US with his family. In 2010 he became 5th Degree Black Belt and started the training to become a master.

He moved to South Carolina in 2011 and, along with his wife Lorena Ausa, opened his first ATA school in the Five Forks area. Today they currently have 4 locations in the Upstate. Daniel Madriaga tested for 6th degree black belt in July 2015 and was named Master Nominee. In July 2016 he officially became a Master. To earn this title he had to endure many physical and mental obstacles .  The final training was a week long event that took place in Little Rock AR.  For 5 days he could only consume water, while still training and attending seminars. 

Master Madriaga is several times SC state champ, several times district champ and several times TOP TEN competitor.


Lorena Ausa 
Black belt - 4th degree

Lorena Ausa was born in Uruguay, South America in 1983. She Started her Martial Arts training in 2003 with her husband and Instructor Daniel Madriaga. This is also the  year her first daughter Sofia Belen Madriaga was born.

Lorena Ausa moved with her family to the  US in 2004. When she was only a green belt, she started teaching Tiny Tigers (kids 3-5 years old)  in one of Chief Master Ozuna’s schools in Miami , FL. 

While working in Miami FL , Mrs. Ausa won 1st place  in sparring  multiple times, which is her strength and favorite part in this sport.  She teaches all ranks and ages but her speciality is teaching Tiny Tigers.

In 2007 Lorena Ausa returned to her country (Uruguay) with her husband,and  opened a new school, which grew to 120 students in 4 months.

In 2009 her second daughter Brenda Melanie Madriaga was born,  and she returned to US with her family.

In 2010 she became a 3rd Degree Black Belt.

She moved to South Carolina in 2011,and with her husband Daniel Madriaga, opened their first ATA school in the Five Forks area of Simpsonville area.  Today  they own 4 locations in the Upstate.

In 2013 Mrs Ausa became 4th degree black and competed in the Top Ten of the World Championship obtaining 4th place in sparring.

In 2015 Mrs Ausa competed in the Top Ten of the World Championship obtaining 3rd place in combat weapons.

In 2016 Mrs Ausa competed in the Top Ten of the World Championship obtaining 3rd place in combat weapons, 4th place in weapons forms and finally after a lot of work, perseverance and discipline she won 1st place in sparring obtaining the title WORLD CHAMP.

She has earned the titles of SC State Champ and  District  Champ multiple times.  She is working on getting her 5th degree black belt and is determined to get her second crown (World championship)

Neri Madriaga
4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Neri Madriaga was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 22nd 1987 and moved to Montevideo, Uruguay when he was a kid. At the age of 5 he started ATA Martial Arts becoming black belt at the age of 12.

Shortly after attaining his black belt he started helping in classes as "assistant instructor."

In 2002 he tested for Instructor level 1 and a few months later became 2nd Degree Black Belt.

In 2005 Mr. Madriaga traveled to Miami, FL and started working with Chief Master Ozuna, where he tested for his Instructor level 2 certification. Shortly after he became 3rd Degree before having to move back to Uruguay.

In 2010 Mr. Madriaga traveled to Mendoza, Argentina to compete in the Pan-American Championship placing 1st in Sparring.

Mr. Madriaga achieved the "National Champion" title in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.

In 2014 Mr. Madriaga became certified instructor during his participation at the Pan-American Championship on Foz De Iguazu, Brasil.

Mr. Madriaga moved to Greenville SC following his brother, Master Nominee Daniel Madriaga, and is currently State Champion of 2015. He tested for fourth degree during his participation at the 2015 World Championship at Little Rock, AR.

Fernanda Da Rosa
3rd Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Da Rosa was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on June 17th, 1990.

She started her martial arts training at the age of 17.

In 2010 Mrs. Da Rosa traveled to Mendoza, Argentina to compete at the Pan-American Championship as a color belt and obtaining very good results.

Mrs. Da Rosa became 1st degree black belt in December, 2010.

In 2011 Mrs. Da Rosa competed in her second Pan-American Championship at Curitiba, Brasil and place 2nd in Weapons Form. That same year she certification test for Instructor level 1 and completed it.

In 2012 Mrs. Da Rosa became 2nd degree black belt, and tested for her Instructor level 2 certification.

In 2013 she traveled to Foz De Iguazu, Brasil for a tournament and placed 3rd in Weapons Form.

In 2015 she moved with her family to Greenville SC, and is currently State Champion in Combat Weapon Sparring.

Sofia Belen Madriaga
Black belt - 3rd degree

Sofia Belen Madriaga was born in Uruguay on November 15, 2003, in June 2006 she passed her first test for orange-R belt at only three years old.

Over the years Belen has competing in different tournament getting different achievements:

    2011 - State Champ - Florida

    2011 - First Place in World Championship - (Little Rock Arkansas)

    2012 - State Champ - South Carolina

    2012 - First Place in World Championship - (Little Rock Arkansas)

    2013 - Took her final test for 2nd degree black belt and also achieved her state Championship in Forms, Sparring, Weapons and Combat Weapon.

     2014 - State champ in Sparring and Combat Weapon and her focus is to become Instructor level 1.


2nd Degree Black Belt

I was born in Meridian, Mississippi with my older sister Lauren Trussell, my mother Natalie Powell, and my father Michael Powell. I lived in Mississippi for eight years before my Father's job moved my family to South Carolina.

I continued my education in South Carolina at Simpsonville Elementary School, Hillcrest Middle School, and graduate in 2012 from Hillcrest High School. While in school I completed a Teacher Cadet course my

senior year, and competed on my school's Speech and Debate team. I furthered my education at Greenville Technical College for two years for Business Management.

I started Martial Arts in the first year of college at the beginning of 2013. Since then I have competed in multiple tournaments, and completed my first level instructor's certification.

Titles: 2014 + 2015 State Champion

          2014 + 2015 District Competitor

          2015 World Competitor

1st Degree Black Belt

I joined ATA in February of 2013. Before I joined I lacked self-esteem and confidence in myself. I struggled with bullying all through 5th-7th grade. ATA helped change that, it gave me the ability to stickup for myself and others.

I've made friends and created a second family. I'm now training to be an instructor and going for my 2nd degree black belt. For me ATA isn't just a hobby or sport, it's my life.


Instructor - 1st Degree Black Belt

I was Born in Eatontown New Jersey in 2000. I lived in both North Carolina and Delaware for a period of time before moving to Simpsonville South Carolina with my family in 2009.

My family first got involved with taekwondo in January 2013 when some of my younger siblings started training at Black Belt Attitude school. After they had been doing it for a while, it seemed really fun so I wanted to try it. Thus, in May 2014 I began my taekwondo training.

I am the oldest of 10 children so I have a lot of experience working with kids of all different ages and personalities. I especially love to see kids learning new skills successfully while doing something that they really enjoy.

I tested for my instructor level 1 in March 2016.

I continue to work towards obtaining my first degree black belt, hopefully by the end of 2016.

I'm 2016 state champ in Forms, Sparring, Weapons and Combat Weapons.


Program Director

I am originally from Rhode Island, where I graduated from college with a degree in psychology. I worked for 10 years as a social worker with children in Therapeutic foster Care. In 2009 I moved here to Simpsonville with my husband and 2 boys. I love children, and during the day I teach preschool at a school in Five Forks.

My 2 boys, Mason age 10, and Brendan age 6, started taking taekwondo at Blackbelt a Attitude school 1 year ago. They both love taking classes and have so much fun. I have noticed a huge improvement in their focus and their discipline since they have started. As a mom, it feels great to have these important life skills reinforced in an extra curricular activity that the boys love.