A leader has vision, creativity, and persistence while empowering and earning the respect of others. Leadership students learn to effectively share their vision, reach their personal goals, and motivate those around them to perform and achieve.

The Leadership program represents the next level of training both mentally and physically. It is an elite program to give students a competitive edge, not just in their martial arts training but in all areas of life. Students in this program learn the importance of leading by example & supporting their communities.

Benefits of Leadership Training

  •   Specialized Life Skills - Goal-Setting, Persistence, Confidence, & Communication.
  •   Advanced Forms - Leadership exclusive!
  •   Exclusive Weapons - Kama, Sword, Triple Nunchucks, Cane, and more!
  •   Earn Points - Gain points toward Championship titles by competing in tournaments.
  •   Special Uniform - Proudly display your trainee status by wearing the official red, white, & blue striped leadership collar.