Tiny Tigers is our 3-5 year old martial arts program specifically designed for teaching preschool age kids the basics of martial arts while having fun in a disciplined environment.  Parents rave about how their children have been making dramatic positive changes in their discipline and respect because of this program.  Our Tiger Program is custom made by our Nationally Certified Instructors along with Educational professionals to ensure the following:

Benefits include:

  •   Fosters Self-Discipline
  •    Boosts Socialization Skills
  •    Encourages Physical Activity
  •    Learn to Set and Achieve Goals
  •    Increased Self-Esteem
  •    Instills a Sense of Respect
  •    Encourages Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  •    Improving Listening Skills
  •   Develops Teamwork Skills
  •   Improvement in Other Areas of Life